Travel to Turkey, visa, tips

– 1) Visa we can get the visa directly at the airport with our passport and a cost that is around 20 dollars and the duration is 90 days and several entries into the country,

Or we can take the electronic visa that is free but allows us 30 days of stay and one entry to the country, but have in mind that when we arrive at the airport we can if we plan to stay longer and use more tickets to the country, we can take out the other type of visa upon arriving at the airport,

– 2) Economic season-low season end of September to June, beginning of June we can find cheaper tickets.

– 3) There are tour agencies that guide and inform us (BE CAREFUL AS POSSIBLE BEFORE INFORMING YOURSELF IN ANY WAY THAT SUCH SERVICE)

– 4) As everywhere, but a little more, you have to have a little eye with the taxi drivers are reputed to spend a little on occasion

– 5) It is easy to move with train brain metro bys, it is very easy to move.

– 6) Bear in mind that it is a country located geographically in zones of conflict

– 7) It is an extremely rich city in HISTORY

– 8) About the language in many places one can understand well with English

– 9) The currency is the Turkish lira and it is usually convenient to make the exchange of the currency in Turkey, it is convenient to find out earlier in your situation, but it is usually favorable to do it in Turkey

Calculate how much a trip would cost


– 1) Check this post for cheap flights : LINK HOW SEARCH CHEAP FLIGHTS

– 2) Keep in mind that some have vacation power on work leave, and others have more flexible times, that will greatly influence when choosing the trip

– 3) Each country has its traditions, if you are someone who only wants to travel economically, take advantage of the low seasons

– 4) Take into account the cost of the price according to your geographical location

– 5) Analyze the local transport of the country we want to visit, to have a clearer idea, and in case you want to visit nearby countries, be well informed about transportation methods

– 6) Find out if it is more profitable to change the money before traveling or after arriving.

– 7) Lodging, I do not encourage to recommend something specific since some people prefer, hostel, coachsurfing, Airbnb, or hotels, this is an important factor to calculate our expenses.

– 8) Of course, to have the account of the food, what kind of food it offers and previously to have an idea of the prices

About Philippines travel to philippines

Population : 104,256,076 (July 2017 est.)

Location: Southeastern Asia, archipelago between the Philippine Sea and the South China Sea, east of Vietnam

Religion : Catholic 82.9% (Roman Catholic 80.9%, Aglipayan 2%), Muslim 5%, Evangelical 2.8%, Iglesia ni Kristo 2.3%, other Christian 4.5%, other 1.8%, unspecified 0.6%, none 0.1% (2000 census)

Ethics : Tagalog 28.1%, Cebuano 13.1%, Ilocano 9%, Bisaya/Binisaya 7.6%, Hiligaynon Ilonggo 7.5%, Bikol 6%, Waray 3.4%, other 25.3% (2000 census)

2018 is a year that through globalization led to know sites that otherwise
it would be impossible to know its existence (without information from a traveler)


The Philippines is one of these places, not only offers exotic beaches and places that will leave you with
open mouth without a breath of so much splendor, all this is accompanied by a gastronomy for
all tastes (in every sense of the word)

Exotic beaches, wonderful landscapes, and of course you can not miss MILLIONS OF ACTIVITIES what to do in these splendid lands in this way manages to be a tourist destination,
Extremely exotic that meets the characteristics of a truly heavenly place

Mounds of islands make up this site by joining their characteristics really satisfies all need tourists, it is totally impossible to resalt the bad anti-tourist qualities, since it is a country totally open to receiving visitors,

No matter where you are from, Philippines
will surprise you in a surprising way

I invite you to meet this dazzling place


So many places in the Philippines would write a guide but is one really especially place, everyone should search they own plans


Philippines official page information

Train travel , amazing experience

Nowadays, traveling by train is a super efficient method, whether for long journeys or short journeys,
They are usually punctual in most places, a super organized transport method that is usually
respect schedules in the majority of train station, be able to travel comfortably, more economical than traditional methods
, all this is due to the fact that the road is completely predetermined, transported on its railway
they can calculate without precision an almost perfect arrival time.

In many trains we have super efficient services, such as cafeteria (usually expensive), to be able to transport
things without inconvenience, plugs for our usb technology, even trains have to connect your pc to load.

In some trains we have the option to have our own private or semi private section so if
you get to analyze traveling the train is a method to take into account.

No doubt you have to have this transport in maind to perform in case of not being fanatics, since it generated a
Culture of traveling by train once is usually a rewarding experience.

You can develop many points but I think it is a matter of finding out what kind of train there is in the city that you are heading
or if you have the opportunity to do it locally, enjoy it.

Road trip


Road trip a good way to disconnect from routine and daily life for a certain period of time, each one uses road trips
as it is necessary, alone, friends, or family, etc,

The road trips are great to know places in a closer way, connecting with the environment, (since road trip is our daily event),
It is a splendid way of seeing the city with the eyes of a tourist, it is good to see our own city with a tourist’s perspective, it helps us
analyze several things that otherwise we could not, the fact of making a Road Trip basically consists of leaving our comfort zone.

Road trip organized or casual?

This is a topic when it comes to road trips, it can be organized or casual depending on what our project. Is very personal, since It will influence our entire journey, personally I like 3 or 4 person road trips, that way most or most of the time we would all be satisfied with where or what we would like to explore,

Traveling anywhere in the world with 3 or 4 people, most of the time it would be more profitable to have a rented vehicle than to use transportation,
Nowadays it is a question of finding out before going on a trip what are all the ways to improve our stay

Without a doubt, road trips are an excellent way to explore

Internet makes travel more accessible

Today the world is totally connected and internet bring all the tool we need to search the most perfect travel, realizing a total traceability of the economy with updated information about our budget, we have all the ways to calculate, analyze, process each contact in the destination that we choose to travel

It is unimaginable to where you can travel today with a low budget, and it is estimated that over the years it will be more and more accessible

And through the information, we can know unimaginable places

Activities in Moorea Pacific Ocean



Moorea has a single road that runs along its coast and is just over 60 kilometers. With a one-day rental it is possible to visit the whole island. Of course there are also organized excursions to make the Island Tour in 4 × 4, recommended among the things to do in Moorea.


From this panoramic point east of the island you can admire the wide range of blues of the lagoon and the ocean. the Temae beach, the reef and the Sofitel hotel prostrate, and the mountains of the neighboring island of Tahiti are cut out on the horizon.


This viewpoint offers one of the most impressive views of the islands of the Society. Impressible among the things to do in Moorea. Once reached the panoramic point, the perfect and twin bays (true natural monuments) of Cook and Opunohu, separated by the sacred mountain of Rotui (900 meters), are dominated. The intrepid Captain Cook anchored in Opunohu Bay in 1777. Cook Bay, more appropriately Paopao Bay, now serves as an anchorage for luxury cruises.


The team of naturalist guides of the marine biologist Dr Michael Poole offers since 1992 an excellent ecotour embarked on scientific divulgation to spot wild dolphins


One of the little known things to do in Moorea: visit The Pao Pao market is an unmissable experience for the  traveler. The best way to appreciate the daily life of the locals is to visit their market; and, by the way, admire a wonderful fresco by François Ravello.


Cruising by boat or motorized canoe through the beautiful lagoon that surrounds the island is almost essential among the things to do in Moorea. The tour allows you to navigate the bays of Opunohu and Cook, snorkel and even have lunch on a motu, an uninhabited island.


The Intercontinental Moorea Resort & Spa has a large aquatic space of 3500m² on the lagoon where you can perform different activities in the company of three dolphins specially trained to interact with the traveler


The non-profit Te Mana or Te Moana Foundation has a marine turtle clinic in the private lagoon of this resort, where they recover damaged specimens to return them to their natural habitat.

Walk safely through the seabed of the lake of Moorea equipped with a diving suit connected by hose to the ship’s oxygen tanks. At only four meters deep we can walk through a beautiful and strange world, while we get a lot of colorful fish attracted by the food we take in a boat.


Diving and snorkeling good things to do in Moorea . The most recommendable sites for snorkeling  are the Temae beach in the northeast and the Tiahura and Fareone motus in the northwest.

The north coast is a diving paradise: The Tiki, The Canyons and Opunohu Bay are home to several species of sharks (Moorea is famous among divers for the lemon shark) and rays.


Playa de Temae .: It is a long and beautiful white sand beach on the shores of the lagoon, shallow and with great views over Tahiti. It is the widest beach in all French Polynesia.

Argentine Glacier Perito Moreno

Ubicated in south of Argentina, this area is really touristy and the fact of seeing
such ice blocks collapse is an effect that captivates every traveler, one of the most impressive attractions regarding natural events, we can see this type of events in Alaska or similar places, but the in Argentina see it from a different perspective

This glacier originates in the southern Patagonian ice field. In its descent, it reaches the southern arm of Lake
Argentino, with a front of 5 km in length, surfacing on the water with a height of about 60 m.

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Argentine Waterfalls Brazilian Waterfalls ITS iguazu WATERfalls


Paths of Paths with constant tons of water every second, no better shape what start saying “paths of paths“, because, the trecking around this mystical sites it’s made all on paths same in the picture,

Its so big the energy flowing into these tons of water makes you feel sooo sooo soooo small against nature, Iguazu falls makes everyone think “energy ideas” , influenced by the constant MASSIVE WATER flow.

Everyone who visits South America should “feel” Iguazu falls, because it does not visit, it feels it , I had no words to describe this masterpiece of nature, not gonna talk about activities (you can do helicopters, lanchs , boats, etc), for me, feel this magic place is just perfect, if you wanna enjoy from helicopter… you will do it .

Generate so big energy, you want coming back again and again past some years keep wanting visit again.

Positive energy site. Totally recommended.

Koh Lipe Thailand

The island is on the Andaman Coast, in south-east Thailand,  Tarutao National Park, and its nature is preserved from certain outbursts that could bring the called developments of the place


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